Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air Purifier Review

Are you searching for dependable, air purifiers that are economical, without whistles and bells? The Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier is for you, if you hate maintenance then this product is a great option for you!  You would never have to clean the collector plates and forget to change a smaller HEPA air filter or wash out the pre-filter.

About the Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air Purifier company

In 2011, Austin Air was chosen by American Red Cross and FEMA to address the life-endangering air quality In New York shortly after 9/11 calamity. Knowing this certainly lends credence and should remove any uncertainty about Austin Air air purifiers’ capability in doing their occupation. Dr Rapp also recommends Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier, with decades of clinical expertise, bestseller book (Is this Your Kid) under her bag and an ex-President of American Academy of Environmental Medicine, I’d consider it as a strong endorsement.

Regarded as economic, reliable, air filters that were well constructed, Austin air cleaners have been consistent top sellers.

You will find at least one Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier in every allergy shop.

The marketplace is overflowing with air purifiers of different brands, sizes and all shapes. Having to choose one particular model might seem to be a daunting and overwhelming task for the typical consumer.

Nevertheless, Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air Purifier is one of the greatest versions that are presently accessible. But what about it that makes it worthy of its position in your thought list if you are shopping for your own unit? Let us take a look at the various aspects and how it fares against its adversaries.


There are several different air purifier models that are now on sale within this industry that comes with labels and signs that are printed that assert they’re constructed to last but are actually unable to do live up to that promise that is empty. Many of these are made out of plastic, so they become quite challenging for individuals who are sensitive.

  • Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier has 3 fan speeds.
  • Coverage area is 60 sq.
  • Special Hepa filter is installed in it.
  • It is not ENERGY STAR Certified

(ENERGY STAR is a joint system of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.)

Consumers will never have to think about this Austin Air HealthMate HM400 Air purifier being featured on that seemingly endless list, because it actually was designed and constructed to outlast the opposition. It is crafted from solid steel, which basically ensures you will never have to worry about coping with any off-gas compounds.



  • You’ll be able to control the efficiency of the operation of the purifier by using the three-speed switch that is certainly built into the model
  • Medical-level filter which is included with it this Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier a top-notch filter that is made from carbon and zeolite which is placed strategically within this apparatus so that it may entirely remove any fumes or smells from the atmosphere.
  • Has Deluxe 4-phase filter
  • Supplies cleaner, healthier atmosphere ensured
  • Wheels help in easy movement around the house
  • Directional airflow output allows you to direct where the air should go
  • Accessible multiple colors to for the buyer to select for  Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier
  • Latest Purification Technology HEPA is used in Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier
  • Maximum Coverage Area: 60 Sq. ft.
  • This Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier is visually appealing and already stylish, particularly with its powder coating finish that is truly non-toxic
  • A significant highlight of the particular model is the overall energy- efficiency


  • At high speed Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier can be a bit noisy
  • No filter change indicator so the user has to judge it himself if the filter has expired.
  • Changing the filter might not be really easy for everyone.
  • Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier is a bit expensive but does the job perfectly.



Question: How may I clean the fan that blows the filtered atmosphere out? My fan is quite dusty.

ANS: The producers recommend cleaning the outdoor frequently to make sure it stays clean.

Question: Can I Leave Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier running for long duration of time?

ANS: Yes, Austin Air cleaners were designed and built for continuous use. I keep mine running 24/7.

Question:I live in a house with my father in law who smokes greatly. Customers want alleviation. Is the warranty emptiness in a smoking house?

ANS: The filter of  Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier can degrade more quickly, causing the blower to work moving atmosphere through the smoking and thus reducing the lifespan of the motor is likely caused by it. I would propose replacing the filter with a brand new one more often to avert this situation.

User Reviews

Sarah from texas, USA says about Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier:

The merchandise arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I pulled out theAustin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier from the carton and after reading the directions, I plugged it in and away it went (yep, that was it). I was having a problem with new carpet installation (a wealth of VOC’s causing watering eyes, sore throat, and dizziness)

the difference in only two days was noticed by others and remarkable”

The Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier has three settings, low, high, and moderate. The result is amazing and has an added good thing about dramatically improving airflow in the room. As stated by the directions, in about a few years mine must replace the filter.

Anonymous from London, UK:

The Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier is the finest I have ever owned. One unit that is large is sufficient for our whole house. It reduces (or removes) smell and makes the rancid air in our dwelling fresher when we return from a few days away. It runs in the bedroom at night and wake up feeling healthier than we did before we got one of these. It is quiet and a little loud but really strong on the highest setting. There is easy care (simply vacuum the external once a month). The salesperson said we had needed to replace the filter every five years. I believe the expense is still worth it, as more affordable purifiers cannot match the quality of Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier

Jenny from Manchester, UK:

The primary reason my husband I bought Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier was to clean the air in our house from the dog scent that looked really challenging to remove with conventional cleaning.

We had this product and have LOVED it from the beginning.

Right away we found that when we leave the Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier running then the dog smell in the atmosphere was practically removed. When ours return from being away from home for a couple of days or turn off the unit, we really feel a difference in the quality of the air; it does what it advertises it’ll do. I’m giving this product four stars yet, because after annually, I’m ready to purchase a filter that is new, although product advertises that it’ll last as many as five years.