Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke

If you are a heavy smoker or have a smoker at home then it is almost impossible to keep your home clean of smoke smell. Ordinary air purifiers are not designed to remove gaseous pollutants, which are the primary components of tobacco smoke. These pollutants, which are smaller than most other particles can stick to walls, furniture and other household objects like carpeting, bedding as well as light bulbs

Finding best air purifiers for sale these days is a tough job but we have made a unique review of all the good and bad qualities of best air purifiers for sale on the market that a person can easily choose a product after reviews.

best air purifier for cigarette smoke list for users to buy

Because smoking is a continuous process and habitual smokers are constant producing new particles for quite a while; it is challenging to match these pollutants that are new. That is why we need to choose a best air purifier.

Smoking has terrible influence on smokers but also on those who inhales second hand smoke. Research suggests that those who are living with smokers have not 20 percent more danger of coronary heart disease than people who do not smoke but live with cigar smoke. Not to mention those individuals who have problems with asthma or allergy difficulties, smoke particles are common incentives to cause allergic reactions or an asthma attack.

The best method to avert all these outcomes is quit smoking entirely. But since this is a procedure that is long term, getting a high quality smoke air purifier can be an option for you to select.


Let’s try to understand…

What do isocyanic acid, Benzene, chromium, cadmium, vinyl chloride, and arsenic have in common? They may be usually present in wildfire & tobacco smoke, which makes successful smoke removal more than just filtering scents or the particles that conventional HEPA filters target.

Few products have been proven as consistently effective and a lot of companies have produced best air purifers for cigarette smoke, while you will find a variety of technologies out there to remove smoke. Activated carbon binds with contaminants to permanently remove them from the air you breathe. By factoring in effectiveness of removing odours and chemical vapours, with durability, cost, brand reputation and particle filtration, we have come up with our list of the top 5 most powerful air purifiers. We have compiled some of the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke.


The IQAir MultiGas GC ($1,199)
best air purifier for cigerette smoke removal

A best air purifier for cigarette smoke must shine in several areas, to function as the top air purifier for smoke. The IQAir MultiGas GC is one of the best best air purifier for cigarette smoke : particle filtration, chemical filtration, durability, ease of use and overall value. The alumina pellets use potassium permanganate and down the carcinogens typically present in smoke, rendering them inert. The carbon provides about two complete years of scent adsorbing abilities and is porous compared to common coconut shell carbon. The advanced controls of this best air purifier for cigarette smoke provide a real time filter use computer screen to you, and provide more flexibility in establishing schedule, fan speed.

AirPura C600 ($849)
best air purifier for cigerette smoke removal

As a brand new entry to our list of best air purifiers for cigarette smoke, Air Pura C600 is also a great choice. The AirPura C600 was constructed for chemical vapor removal,  odor and smoke.This best air purifier for cigarette smoke is famous for its efficiency  and silent operation. A thick hefty carbon bed is also a hallmarks of this model.  Outstanding airflow and the greatest coverage of any residential air purifier have made  the AirPura C600 ideal for medium and bigger spaces, while the internal layout  translates into quiet operation, perfect to be used even in bedrooms. Straightforward  by design and quite user-friendly, the AirPura C600 is a cannot miss when it comes to  removing chemical and smoke abatement.This one of the best air purifier for cigarette smoke is also available in three colors and is made in Canada.

Whirlpool Whispure

best air purifier for cigarette smoke

The Whirlpool AP51030k Whispure air purifier has a three-phase filtration system is made up of pre- HEPA filter, carbon filter and filter and is also a best air purifier for cigarette smoke. It’s not useless for people who endure asthma or light allergies, as it has a high CADR speed (315). It is designed for moderate-sized rooms, report says it can purify the atmosphere in a 500 feet square room 4.8 times within an hour. This model enjoys an excellent standing and is listed in 2010 as one of the most suitable best air purifier for cigarette smoke as compared to other products with same quality is this model not pricey at all, it costs around $300.

Austin Air HealthMate HM 400

Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier is great product, find reviews about it
An excellent option!
Austin AirHealthMate HM400 Air purifier

Another one of the best air purifier for cigarette smoke. Austin Air HealthMate can capture almost all elements and other regular particles in a space as large as 1500 feet  square as it is equipped with HEPA and a carbon filtration system. The filters aren’t long-term, but are supposed to have a lifespan as long as 5 years, which can be a very long time. And the Warranty for this particular model can also be five years. For people who require or who have larger rooms filtration that is strong is this model cost-effective.Recent market prices are high.