Candy Myths: Busted And Realized

Everyone loves a piece of candy every once in a while. It has the power to bring a smile to faces and sooth broken hearts. It helps people celebrate, and it improves people’s moods. Unfortunately, there are many myths associated with candy, especially chocolate candy. If you tend to stay away from candy for whatever reason, keep reading. Perhaps you will find out some new information and truth about candy, so that you can enjoy these special chocolate treats.

One of the main reasons people avoid candy is its high calorie content. Not all candies contain many calories. Some are specifically designed to be healthy snacks. Manufacturers make diet candies that are healthy and low in calories. They even include vitamins in candy form.

Candy makers invented carb-free gummy bears and sugar free candy bars a long time ago. Now they make sugar free jelly beans and marshmallows too. Candy companies formulate treats to provide sweetness to the pallet, but keep consumers healthy.

candy mythsWho has not heard that chocolate causes acne? This myth, no matter how pervasive, is not true. The University of Pennsylvania and the United States Naval Academy studied this topic. They proved that moderate intake of chocolate do not contribute to acne. Personal hygiene and bacteria contribute to pimples. Chocolate does not.

Anther popular myth is chocolate allergy. Some consumers believe that they are allergic to chocolate due to side effects that they experience. After they consume candy, they experience stomachaches or allergy symptoms. It could be the quantity. A recent study showed that out of 500 people who thought they were allergic to chocolate, only one actually was allergic.

Dentists continue to perpetuate the myth that candy causes tooth decay. Candy is no the only culprit. Sugar from a variety of food causes tooth decay. The breakdown of starches inside the mouth also causes damage to teeth and gums.

People blame candy for causing diabetes. It is simply not true. Sugar and candy products do not cause diabetes. Over consumption and increased food intake in calories cause the disease. Obesity and lack of insulin production are the main reasons for diabetes, not candy. Candy does not cause any of these myths. Enjoy it in moderation and put a smile on your face.