Everyone Has A Special Candy They Love

Most people have a favorite candy that they prefer over all others. Some people prefer one that they enjoyed when they were a child. It may be something that is no longer produced or is difficult to find. When you take a vacation or cruise the Internet and are able to find a long-lost favorite, this can be especially exciting.

Chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, and caramel are often combined in candy bars. Some people prefer sour candy or gummies, but they are definitely in the minority. Some people must have a certain type of candy after they have eaten particular meals or during certain times of the year. There are certain kinds of candy that people associate with certain holidays. Marshmallow peeps, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans all evoke thoughts of Easter. At Christmas time, there is an abundance of candy canes and ribbon candy available and on Valentine’s Day, thoughts turn to boxes of assorted chocolate and giant Hershey kisses. During the summer months, people tend to prefer to eat things that are lighter and they may prefer fruit-flavored or fruit-based candy.

Some people believe that 100 Grand and Milky Way bars are the best candy ever created. Others are more discerning and want their candy to have a high cacao content and to be imported from famous candy producing countries such as Belgium and Switzerland.

Firefighters like to carry fire balls in their pockets to share with children when they are discussing fire safety. Fire balls have a strong cinnamon taste that can be difficult to withstand. Atomic fireballs are the hottest of all candy. They can bring tears to your eyes.

Old-fashioned candy treats were almost all based upon sugar and very few traditional candies were made with chocolate. People who are grandparents today can remember sour balls, hard candy, licorice, and lollipops as some of their favorite treats. They were not as readily available as they are today and usually were offered to children only on holidays or birthdays. Today’s children think nothing of eating candy nearly every day and they rarely look upon it as a special treat.