Finding Great Gifts For Your Best Man

The best man is one of the most important people in your wedding party and you want to make sure that you select the perfect best man gift. Since there is only one best man you can put a bit more time, effort and money into this selection.

If your best man likes electronic gadgets, why not think about a charging station for all of his stuff that contains a picture frame as well. Place a personal photo of the two of you from your childhood or teenage years to add a personal touch. Starting at about $60 this will be a gift he is sure to enjoy for years to come.

For the barbeque master and racing enthusiast, look at the steak brander with his favorite racing number; Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson to name a few. Watch as he proudly serves you a steak that has been branded with the gift you gave him. Branders begin at about $38 and will be something that gets used on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a truly unique gift for that special person, why not take a look at the personalized whiskey barrel with an authentic look. Beginning at about $60 this is sure to be a conversation piece in your best man’s home.

Whiskey barrel just not unique enough? How about presenting him with a share in Playboy, Google, or the World Wrestling Entertainment. A fun and interesting best man gift that will give your best friend a share in his favorite entertainment company. The price of these shares vary greatly depending on the company. For example WWE costs about $56 where Google will run about $1195; each for a single share.

With a little research and ingenuity your groomsman is sure to enjoy your special gift for years and years.

Gifts For The Men In Your Bridal Party

Max-Schmeling-Halle-WWE-apel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the date of your wedding draws closer and closer, it comes time to begin thinking about a groomsmen gift for all the men in your wedding party. You want the gift to be something that he will use and yet reflects his individual personality.

To begin this process you must first decide on a budget for these items so that you look only at those items that fall within your budget. Whatever that price range may be there are plenty of unique gifts to give.

Sliver plated pocket watches, with his initials or name engraved on the front and possibly a short personal message on the back makes a sophisticated groomsmen gift that can be given at rehearsal and worn during the ceremony to add a classy touch. These watches will generally start in the range of $28 plus engraving costs.

For the cigar smoker in your wedding party why not look at the selection on humidors. You will be able to personalize the top of the box with his name and then place some cigars in the cedar lined inside and watch his face light up with excitement. This type of gift generally begins at $50 plus personalization.

For the bride and groom who appreciate the more traditional things in life, there are beer mugs, shot glasses and coffee mugs that can be engraved with the groomsmen’s’ name on the glass or use a pewter plate for a bit more class. These items run about $25 plus the cost of engraving.

Perhaps you have a wedding party full of sports enthusiast, find a gift store that carries unique sporting gifts and tailor each one to reflect him personal taste. From gold ball and tee cuff links to a pen that reflects their favorite baseball stadium, the possibilities are endless.