Functional Robotic Toys For Kids

Your kids will not forgive you if you do not get them gifts this Christmas. When it comes to choosing a gift for your child, the age is of essence. This is because it will enable you to pick an item that will help your child develop in one way or another. Robotic toys for kids make out the best interactive items that could enable your child to develop mentally, socially and physically. Since the list of these toys is endless, here are some of the toys you may take into consideration while shopping.

Kids should learn the value of a family unit. Hence, the Bossa Penbo Interactive penguin robot is the ideal toy to teach this value. This toy comes with its baby, which it plays various games with as well as rocks it to sleep. It also responds to you when you talk to it in the penguin language! This toy is designed for girls but it could work well also with boys to impart the roles of nurturing and communication.

Toys can also have intellectual properties as seen in the WoeWee Robosapien Humanoid toy. A robot is supposed to take commands from humans and this toy can take the commands of your child. Using a remote control your kid can make the robot kick, pick up stuff or just produce sound. This toy can move about just like a human being a thing that would be interesting for kids. It would help them find a companion in machine! Kids at 10 years and above would sure love this for a gift.

Children below four years love to learn things in their surroundings from the alphabet, colors, and shapes to the months of the year. The scholastic Giant Learning Robot Bulletin Board has just the right size to interest the young ones to learn from it. The robot is four-feet tall and it would be just perfect if your child has a playroom with ample space. This giant goes at cheap price but the stuff it teaches your child is invaluable. You can also get the gift for his class in kindergarten. Another toy in this category especially for teaching simple math is the Playskool Alphie. This also helps you child to gain reasoning skills. However, this is best for kids above 3 years.

Another product of the WoeWee is the Robotics, Robopanda. This does not operate on remote and guarantees to keep your kids who are 9 years and above fully entertained. The Robopanda can sing, narrate short stories, share a few jokes as well as respond to touch and sound. Robopanda is like a big teddy bear only that he can move about and give your child a hug. This toy can work well to give your child of creative communication like telling jokes and stories.

All the above toys are below $ 100 and work well helping your kids develop variously!