Have An Adventure With Under Armour

Life is more comfortable in Under Armour apparel. Whether you are snowboarding above tree line, hunting in Saskatchewan or pulling weeds out of your vegetable garden, Under Armour helps maintain a comfortable body temperature so you can enjoy the life you live.

English: under armour hat
English: under armour hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Under Armour Cold Gear lineup includes beanies, hoods, socks, base layers, jackets and gloves. You lose more body heat from the top of your head than any other part of the body, so cover it up with a cozy beanie or a full hood that will offer facial and neck protection. The base layer is also an important part of staying warm in cold environments. There are three levels of protection, but all levels fit like an extension of your skin. The base layers are designed with Poly Armour, which is a fabric that stretches four ways; this allows you to move freely. The base layers come in long sleeve tops and separate leggings.

Base 1.0 gives you the best mobility and is perfect higher temperatures. The fabric preserves your body’s core temperature, wicks moisture away and dries quickly. When the temperature has dropped, Base 2.0 helps trap your body heat and is also fast drying for when the action starts. Base 3.0 is the thickest of the base layers so your mobility is lessened, but it offers the maximum cold protection.

Under Armour Heat Gear will keep you cool when the temperature heats up. A lightweight short or long sleeve base layer top will pull moisture away from your body. The shirts are offered as loose fitting or tight, but both contain Armourblock, which is a fiber woven into the shirt to neutralize the microbes that cause odor and bacteria. Another big plus is the 30 SPF.

It is always critical to stay hydrated during any outdoor activity. A CamelBak allows you to carry your beverages in a convenient and easy to carry backpack. With CamelBak and Under Armour, you are ready for the next adventure.