Latest WordPress Updates And Gadgets

Availability of various gadgets and frequent WordPress updates has enriched the Web in many ways, and made the life of a web master much easier. It is always a good idea to update to a new version of WordPress manually, through the admin area, instead of automatic upgrade, as you can prepare your site for the upgrade, and take the necessary backup. Whenever a new version is available, it is clearly seen in the admin page on top. The most recent version of WP is 4.6.1, and here are steps that will help you upgrade safely.

Before Updating to WordPress 4.6.1


Take the backup of your WP database. There are different pulgins and gadgets like WP-DBManager that can make this process extremely easy, and it helps to optimize and repair your database as well. It is also necessary to take a backup of all your WP pages, files, and posts, on to your hard drive. A simple way to do this is to click on Tools and Export in the sidebar. In the page that opens, click on the button to download the Export File.

It is also wise to deactivate all your plugins before upgrading, to avoid a broken installation, as all of them, may not work with the new version. You will also have to check the compatibility of your themes with the latest WordPress updates, as you do not want any conflicts.

Once you have updated to the latest version, you can reactivate your plugins. Most developers would have updated their pulgins to the new WP version, however, if you find issues with any of them, you will have to deactivate the one causing problems, and look for similar plugin that does the same job, and has been updated.

What is New in the Latest Update?

WordPress 4.6.1 provides much better features for developers, designers, and end users. A designer now has much more freedom to customize various aspects of the page. The size of the header is no longer fixed, and image files can be stored in the Media Library. Addition of the Live Theme Customizer enables users to edit and customize themes quite easily. Developers can now manage page templates in a much better way, as they can be organized and kept in different folders. External libraries of WP have also been updated for maximum efficiency. End users can now directly embed tweets into the page or post, without any plugins, and HTML and hyperlinks can be added to image captions. However, the best feature of the latest update is the improvement of WP_Query function, which has resulted in faster speeds, and pages now get loaded up to three times faster.


It is amazing how the latest gadgets and technologies have improved the way we do things. The author has a keen interest in reviewing the latest developments, and the way they touch our lives. It does not matter whether it is a simple plugin or elaborate gadgets, the important thing is to consider, how it has changed our lives for the better.