The Many Types Of Candy

Children of all ages can enjoy the many varieties of candy that are available today. When it comes to sweets, there is something for everyone. There are companies that produce every type of sweet imaginable. You can go to your average retailer and find so many varieties, that it can get a little overwhelming.

For people who like something a little chewy, there are many types of gummies. There are the classics, gummy bears and gummy worms, of course. Many companies have taken gummies and expanded on them by doing things such as adding fruit juice to the center. Some companies have coated gummies in sour sugar to give customers a sweet and sour variation of the gummy. Other chewy options include fruit chews. These come in classic fruit flavors such as cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry, and grape. You can also find fruit chews that come in tropical flavors. There are also many choices of chewy caramels.

For people who like a harder option, there are many candies from which to choose. There are fruit flavored options, and jaw breakers. There are also atomic fireballs. These are round like jaw breakers, but instead of being primarily sweet, they are hot and sweet at the same time. You can also find suckers in every flavor imaginable.

Some of the most popular candy includes some form of chocolate. There are different types of chocolate that may be used. Some items use milk chocolate, while others use a less sweet, dark chocolate. There is also the option of using white chocolate. This chocolate is sometimes manufactured into bars all on its own without any added ingredients. Other times it is paired with some type of nougat, marshmallow, toffee, nuts or peanut butter. There is even bite sized chocolate that is coated in a sweet outer shell.

Some people prefer to make homemade candy instead of purchasing it from the store. There are many good recipes in cookbooks and on the internet for anyone who is interested in making these sweets at home. Whether you get yours from the store or make them, enjoying candies in moderation can sweeten your day.