Maximizing Saunas For Weight Loss Strategy

Weight loss is an all concerning problem that needs more than one approach to solve. Saunas have been used for thousands of years as way to cleanse the skin and the body from the inside. Large cities from Rome in the west to Japan in the east have traditionally used public baths that double as saunas to better health and well being. Medicinal saunas and baths were situated near volcanic activity, the heat from an active volcano let out steam and heated water that was also steeped with minerals that killed most bacteria. The body is thought to have been cleanse from the inside as well because we sweat out dirt in the steam.

Not surprising, people do lose measurable pounds in the sauna. This is aside from water lost from sweat. Heat increases the body’s metabolism and the body quickly burns through calories just because we feel warmer. This simple concept has been enhanced with more technology with the latest sauna and steam baths specifically designed to for weight loss.

The best sauna heaters use surgical grade stainless steel, because it does not rust, lasts longer and keeps clean after multiple uses. Infrared saunas are something new, they emit an electric field that can be adjusted according to your power voltage. Higher voltage will result in a greater electric field but the strength of the electric field will keep constant regardless of the voltage. The electromagnetic field needs to be kept at a certain strength to be harmless to the health of humans. There are low emf fields or even ultra low in order to be sure it is safe in saunas.

Steam baths is an alternative to a sauna. A steam bath generator releases soothing steam and works very much like an economical sauna. The traditional sauna room available at Sauna Core is modeled after the Finnish tradition. The Finns have been using saunas for generations to sweat out toxins, unclog pores and cleanse. There are four types of tradition saunas but all consist of a heat generating source built to release steam into a small enclosed room. The complete sauna room is assembled then fitted with sauna equipment and heater. All traditional sauna rooms are made of thick and solid wood. The parts are hand crafted to fit perfectly with nail and screw without molding. The infrared sauna models can either be premium or economical. The economical saunas are imported into North America from China. They use ceramic rods or carbon fiber for conducting heat. The style of the sauna room is oriental it that the walls are composed of narrow panels that simulate bamboo.