Penbo Robot – The Nurturing Toy

New toys enter the market every single day. This in turn makes it difficult for you to identify a suitable toy for your kid. You child needs a toy that can impart a lesson or two not just to keep him or her entertained. With technology advancing every day, toys also are changing and becoming technologically innovative. The penbo robot is one such invention, which could transform your child’s life. In fact, this toy is a first for girls, whoever said girls could not find interest in machines was wrong!

The role of nurturing is left to the mother and this happens in adulthood. However, with the penbo robot your girl child can learn this vital role early in life. The toy that comes in form of a penguin is suitable for your child who is above four years of age. It is completely girlish in color and character a thing that makes it best for your girl child. You can find it in a beautiful pink color. However, her babies come in different colors that represent the different behaviors of each. The penbo nurtures these babies by holding them close to her chest just as a mother would do.

Penbo robot responds to strokes on the head by blinking her eyes, flapping her wings like a real penguin and dancing. If you child talks to penbo, she listens and responds in penguish language. It is clear that the robot enjoys receiving and giving attention from the way she interacts with her babies and her owner, your child. The babies do not come separately with the mother penbo but come from the eggs that are released from the tummy once her chest is pressed. This toy depicts the continuation of life where she brings forth a family.

Nurturing is not the only lesson imparted by this penbo robot but also communication and fun. The robot plays with its babies as well as its owner. It can play up to five games together with her babies. Hence, you child is surely going to remain entertained by switching from one game to the next. In addition, the robot will share in your emotions by flapping its wings and making sounds when happy. It will also appear lonely and sad when you do not give any attention. Simply, this is a mother in a toy!