The Importance Of Military Boots

The most vital part of a soldier’s uniform is his military boots. Designed to provide comfort to those in the military, these boots are made of a leather of extremely high quality, ensuring that they are as durable as they are comfortable and providing much needed foot support. Any footwear that is used by those in the military will need to meet specific requirements which will depend upon where they are going to be worn; jungle or desert, for example.

Military Boots of the German Bundeswehr.
Military Boots of the German Bundeswehr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The military boot was designed originally for marching, and as such they had to be strong enough and comfortable enough for many miles to be covered every day. Making sure that the arch of the foot was supported adequately and that there is enough padding to prevent the boot from rubbing, the boot should also be lined with a material which allows the foot to breathe. If a soldier was in pain from his feet, he could not concentrate on the immediate task at hand, and as such his life, and the lives of his fellow soldiers, could very easily be put at risk. This makes a well made, correctly fitting boot essential, and its importance should not be underestimated.

Military boots are used worldwide, and because of this there are different styles and designs so that every climate is catered for. Cold weather will see the boot having extra insulation to keep the feet as warm as possible and better traction to cover icy conditions underfoot. Warmer climates will see it having extra ventilation and better cooling properties so that the foot does not sweat too much. Regardless of where the boot is to be worn, it needs to be able to cover every conceivable kind of terrain with as much ease as possible, making the job of the soldier as comfortable as it possibly can be under the circumstances.