The Truth About Candies

Candy is loved by everyone in this planet! Candy has the power to sooth your heart aches, change your mood and make a bad day better. However, there are many myths about candy that need to be clarified now. If you are a candy addict, read on and find out the truth about candy.

Some say that candies contain high calorie content. Not all candies contain too much calories. Some candies have been designed as a healthy treat. There are products called diet candies that are healthy, low-calorie candies that will benefit your health. Examples of these products are carb thin gummy bears or sugar free candy bars. There are also sugar free marshmallows and jelly beans. The candy industry has modified so many of its products to provide sweetness yet keep candy consumers healthy.

Another myth that has been getting attention is the one about how chocolate cause acne. There is no truth to this at all. The United States Naval Academy and the University of Pennsylvania have extensively studied about this topic and was able to prove that low to moderation consumption of chocolate does not cause acne. The appearance of acne will always depend on the pores and bacteria present in the surface of the skin of a person. Chocolate consumption will not affect it.

Does chocolate really cause allergies? Many people believe that they may be allergic to chocolate because, apparently, there are some effects after they consume such candy. A recent study proved this wrong. The study was able to come up with statistics that only 1 out of 500 people who think they are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to it.

Candy and tooth decay has been intertwined with each other for almost forever. Not candy alone can contribute to tooth decay. Sugar from different kinds of food and the breakdown of starches inside the mouth can cause tooth decay.

Candy has also been blamed for diabetes. People should now that sugar does not cause diabetes. This disease is mostly caused by excess consumption of calorie and obesity.

Candy is a sweet treat that will do no harm as long as you consume it in moderation.