Tips For A Best Man Gift

When a long time friend stands up for you at a wedding as your Best Man, it is traditional to say thanks with a Best Man gift. In most instances, this person has been your best friend for many years. With that in mind, you will probably know what your friend would appreciate better than anyone else would. However, if you are having some difficulty in making a decision, the following tips can be helpful.

Most grooms select gifts in the range of $25 to $50 for the Best Man. Monogrammed gifts can provide an extra personal touch. Once the gift is selected, have it wrapped professionally and present it at the rehearsal dinner or just before the ceremony begins.

Several nice options in jewelry make a good selection for the Best Man Gift. These might include a wrist or pocket watch or some nice cuff links. If you shop early, it should be no problem to purchase these with a monogram or with a personal message engraved on the gift.

For a friend that often travels, either for business or pleasure, a monogrammed shaving kit makes an excellent choice. The kit keeps all the grooming essentials organized and handy while protecting the remainder of the luggage from accidental spills.

Many Best Men are just beginning to build their own home bar. This makes barware an appropriate and appreciated gift in many cases. Examples include drinking glasses, beer mugs, a hip flask or even a bar sign.

The job of the Best Man can make one’s wedding day actives much more relaxed and enjoyable. The person filling this job will likely take time away from an otherwise busy schedule to ensure that you have a great experience. It is appropriate for you to say thanks for the person’s efforts by providing an appropriate Best Man gift.

Choosing Groomsmen Gifts That Work

Groomsmen are an important part of any wedding and as such they deserve the praise that they are due. That being said it is important that when you choose your groomsmen gift you take the time to carefully consider your options. There are a variety of different gifts that work well as groomsmen gifts including but not limited to gift cards, certificates, humorous gifts, and personal mementos.

There is little doubt that your groomsmen are those that are most important to either you alone, or to you and your future wife. Since these men have taken time out of their schedule to be a part of your wedding it is only fair that you show them your appreciation with a small gift.

Traditionally these gifts are sentimental and slightly stifled. In this day and age it is possible to find all sorts of great gifts with the click of a mouse and it is important that you use what you have at your disposal to find the right gifts.

Gag gifts are always uplifting and can showcase your sense of humor wonderfully. This type of gift can be anything from funny key chains or mugs, to things like toys and games. This type of gift is a bit of a departure from the traditional but is still completely appropriate. Another option is to choose something personalized to each groomsmen like monogrammed cufflinks. These can serve a dual purpose making each man feel special and giving them something to wear to the wedding. This type of gift might be a bit pricier but can really make your wedding party feel special.

Lastly, gift cards and certificates are a great last minute option if you can simply not decide what to get your groomsmen. Buying gift certificates can offer them something for a job well done and can serve as a way to show your appreciation. No matter what gift you choose it is the thought that counts.