Useful Fashion Styling Tips For Small And Petite Women

Keeping up with the latest fashion trend can be very demanding and exhausting. Not all type or style of clothes is suited for everyone. This is the reason why people need to exert a little effort to look for clothes that are appropriate for their built and body figure. Some of those people who find it very challenging to look for clothes that are fitting for their bodies are the petites. It is necessary for petite girls to wear clothes and as well as accessories that can effectively complement their body frame. However, doing this task can be taxing especially if the person is not oriented with fashion. Fortunately, there are several fashion style tips that petite ladies can use to help them find clothes that will make them look modish and presentable at the same time.

Fashion Tips for Petite Girls

Wear Clothes in One Color — Dressing in one color including the shoes and the top can prevent petite ladies from looking smaller. It will also make an illusion that the body will appear longer and elongated. Using this very simple tip will already be enough in creating magic and illusion that will work to the wearer’s advantage. Some of the colors that can be used are dark shades including burgundy, purple, navy, black, and charcoal. These colors are used to help the girl look leaner.

Always Wear Clothes that Fit the Body Very Well — Wearing garments that fit perfectly on the body can also be very useful for girls who are petite. Loose-fitting clothes will not complement or accentuate their small-framed bodies. Using fabrics that showcase different designs should also be avoided since it can make short girls look stockier and bulkier. This is the reason why wearing semi-fitted and minimal-styled dresses can definitely work a lot of wonders.

Use Garments that Incorporate Vertical Lines — Clothes that exhibit vertical lines can be helpful in elongating the frame of short women. These lines do not necessarily have to be striped as long as they are parallel to the person’s body. Using vertical seam lines and princess seams can also be very effective. In fact, using lines is already proven to create a slimming effect and illusion to the body.

Select V-Shape Clothing — Just like vertical lines, V-shape clothes are also recommended for petite ladies. Tops, coats and jackets that have V-shaped or even U-shaped necklines are things that should be worn. This type of neckline design creates a better illusion of height compared to round-neck shirts and tops.

Wear High-Heeled Shoes — This tip is actually very common. However, its commonness is due to the fact that it works very well for short and small girls. This is also considered to be the easiest and the most effective way to add height. Sling-backs and pumps are types of high-heeled shoes that will work perfectly for short ladies. In contrast, petite women should avoid wearing ankle straps. The straps used for this type of footwear can go against the ideal vertical lines, which makes the person appear or look shorter.

These are some of the common and useful tips that short and small-framed women need to consider to make them look taller. It is not necessary for women to buy new set of clothes just to abide by these recommendations. In fact, they can search their closet and look for old clothes that are still wearable and can meet with the criteria mentioned above. As a matter of fact, some of their best clothes might just be hanging on their old clothes hangers.